Sub Zero

Ice Cream

Sub Zero delivers custom mixed ice cream and freezes it right before your eyes! Choose from a variety of cream bases and mix-ins to create an infinite number of flavor combinations, then watch the ice cream freeze using nitrogen! Drawn to the idea of “customizable food”, Jerry and Naomi Hancock began their career by opening New York Burrito in Orem, Utah; giving customers complete control to create their own meal. But their passion did not stop there. They wanted to do more with desserts. With a background in chemistry, Jerry went to work to develop a method to freeze ice cream using nothing other than liquid nitrogen. Finding success, and a pretty cool way to eat a delicious treat, Jerry and Naomi opened their first Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in 2004. Since then, the company has become a regional sensation, bringing dessert goers around the world a delicious, cool, and sensational treat.